J. Keck

The Big House: Book 3

The Big House 3

Book Three of the ongoing Big House saga erupts against the backdrop of the violent, strife-torn Arkansas Delta during the Great Depression.

Terror, deception, and intrigue test Minnie’s and her mother Nora’s determination to return to the roots of their heritage. Though scorned by men of all classes who have the misguided notion that women cannot run a plantation, Minnie and Nora’s grit is unyielding.

Bound to the women’s desire to save the land is their vow to settle the score against those who viciously attacked their family. Motivated by revenge to destroy those responsible, they accumulate more land, wealth, power, and influence. Fear is unthinkable for these courageous women, even when other planters create the night riders, thugs who terrorize sympathetic planters and the landless, seeking to destroy the first interracial union in the nation’s history.

Socialism takes hold, prompting planters to lash out at the dispossessed. While men hem and haw about politics, Minnie and Nora create aan empire even greater than Grandpa’s lands and influence.

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Who doesn’t love the story of a strong, determined woman–except when you can have a pair of them! This is what J. Keck gives us in his thrilling, third book in The Big House series. Though it’s set in some of the darkest days of our country–the Great Depression–Keck shows that a few souls can rise above their circumstances and manage, by sheer grit, to create an empire.”
– Heidi Nye, publisher, former Los Angeles Times reporter and editor of the Cousteau Society