J. Keck

The Big House: Book 2

The Big House Book 2 - J.Keck

In 1928, Minnie’s mother, Nora, arrives at her nursing college after abandoning Minnie as a child. What does Nora want? An unexpected visit to Grandpa and Marie at The Big House offers Minnie shelter and refuge, but not the carefree days of her youthful experiences. There, she discovers secrets. Shrewd and hidden manipulations of power insure the survival of The Big House in this small Southern town, where a smile can mask suppressed rage and hostility.

A power struggle ensues between Minnie and Nora when honor, wealth and influence are risked by young love. Both will have their say, but only one will prevail. Guns and violence become signs of a new era. The 1929 Great Depression explodes, engulfing everyone. Minnie and the family must confront the Depression, as well as threats to the land from those who would rob them.

Driven by her own convictions and courage, Minnie refuses to give in to chaos and fear. While poverty and cruelty surround her, Minnie’s spirit, character and hard-won experience prepare her to survive and keep her values. Will the past and her circumstances overwhelm Minnie, or will she embrace the future and triumph?

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Author J. Keck continues to spin a fascinating tale with his second foray into The Big House, which is chock full of family drama, real-life action, and Depression-era heartbreak.
– Laura Taylor, Author 6-Time Romantic Times Book Award Winner

The vivid images of a time past, the rich layers of characters, and the complex family dynamics fashioned by the author of The Big house have inspired a compelling sequel. The thrill of first love, the danger of guarded secrets and the literal survival of The Big House are at stake. Minnie’s very spirit and mettle are tested as J. Keck advances his epic, Southern novel.
– Mark Sudock, Eight-Time Emmy Award Winner