J. Keck

About The Author

Coming of age in California, J. Keck grew up with a Southern heritage inside the house, and a West Coast identity outside of what the family called the Big House. The home was a gathering place for extended family and friends many of whom were expatriate Southerners as well.

Between the warmth and storytelling of the home, J. Keck has been inspired by the culture and tales of many fine and memorable characters. Numerous trips and stays to visit relatives and family holdings, along with a nearly three-year stay in Texas, further deepened his appreciation and understanding of the culture.

Attending both Texas and West Coast colleges and university, J. Keck received a degree in journalism, and an advanced degree in psychology. minors in business, anthropology and geography.

Once having entered business, writing became a pastime for personal pleasure until the publication of one of his short stories in a cultural magazine. Additional pulications of his writings followed: the short story, “The Dark Forest,” his novella, “Homeless: The Dollmaker’s Web,” and his recent novel, “The Big House: Story of a Southern Family.” Currently, J. Keck is working on a sequel to the novel entitled, “The Big House: End of An Era.”

The joy and challenge of writing has propelled J. Keck into a new and exciting career: author.

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