J. Keck


Coming of age in California, J. Keck grew up with a Southern heritage inside the house, and a West Coast identity outside of what the family called the Big House. The home was a gathering place for extended family and friends many of whom were expatriate Southerners as well. Between the warmth and storytelling of the home, J. Keck has been inspired by the culture and tales of many fine and memorable characters. Numerous trips and stays to visit relatives and family holdings…

Reviews From Readers

What I like the most about [The Big House] is that it gave me an entirely new perspective... The stories Minnie hears, some dark, some light and happy, were fresh and original. Minnie as a character was “relate-able” in her innocence and her human flaws.
-Allysa R. from California

The Big House transports the reader into the heart and soul of a bygone era… A must read!
–Kathy Porter, Award Winning Author

The Big House is a heart warming story. It is about the adversity and joys of growing up as told through the eyes of a young Southern Girl, who is the daughter of this family. I really enjoyed this book! It was a fun and exciting read from beginning to end!
-Shirley J. from Florida

The Big House by debut author J.Keck is, by turns, poignant, heartbreaking, and powerful.
-Laura Taylor, Author 6-Time RT Book Award Winner

Author J. Keck continues to spin a fascinating tale with his second foray into The Big House, which is chock full of family drama, real-life action, and Depression-era heartbreak.
-Laura Taylor, Author 6-Time Romantic Times Book Award Winner

Author J. Keck’s The Big House is a timeless story that reflects the very best of the American character when confronting adversity.
–Darlene Quinn, Award Winning Author

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